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Brake jobs

i have a 110,000 miles on my mitsu eclipse spyder and want to know when i do my brake job should i change rotors over to the grovved or holy kind vs oe rotors i heard they dont get as hot but they are expensive

Do the “holy” kind of rotors provide any extra protection from accidents?

Unless you’re hitting the race track just stick with stock replacement parts.

No accident avoidance, but protection of the occupant’s souls in event of an accident!!

Those fancy rotors are required for race car driving and might be needed for mountain driving if you can’t use engine braking. Other than that, they are a waste of money.

those hole(y) rotors look neato,

if you are following ‘normal’ driving speeds, and driving patterns, using accepted driving following distances then you don’t need these extras.

but if you are a wreckless, idiotically fast driver who may need the miniscule extra braking power, they are overkill.

as first stated, they do look cool. and are usually painted neat neon red or blue color. but a quick trip with a wire wheel on the hub of your rotors and a dash of spray paint (just on the hub) would accomplish the same results.

From what I have read on forums like this one. aftermarket drilled rotors have a tendency to crack. Also, they can be a bit noisy, depending on the pads you choose.

If you want something that looks high performance, slotted rotors look cool without the propensity to crack.

I just use standard rotors on all four of my vehicles. I am happy if I get a set and none of them warp and they don’t rust quickly while the car is parked. Most recently, I’ve had poor luck with NAPA and good luck with Brembos made in Mexico.

The THEORY behind the holed or slotted rotors is they dissipate heat better. They are NOT needed unless you do a lot of racing. They also tend to shorten the life of the pads. You’re better off sticking with OEM type rotors. I believe that the engineers at Mitsubishi know what they’re doing.