Which side?

Click and Clack, pay attention.

On the other side of the Atlantic folks refer to the “Off-Side” and the “Near-Side”. which is Right or Left, or are they relative, ie the “Near-side” is the side near the dirver and the “Off-Side” is the side far away… however, given UK and Germany have Left and Right Had drive cars, I think this reference is totly confusing as one needs to know the drivers position before one can determine the OS, NS.

I think they are all on the “Far Side” and should drop these relative terms, like “Use the other door”, which means no matter which door you are at, you should use the “Other door”… rather than “This door”, etc.

Can anyone decipner OS, FS, NS, etc.

C&C I would like you to call the proponent of this confusion in Europe, put him on the spot and get him to explain it.