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Left hand side

So which side is the left side of my car when ordering body parts? I say the left is the “drivers” side . . . or your left while sitting in the car facing forward. Rocketman


Left side is drivers side, right side is passenger side
left side is male side right side is female side i.e, the side the wife sits on ( ;



Yes, this is how it’s always been. Left side is driver’s side.

Left is the same side of the car as your left hand is when you’re sitting in the car facing forward. Don’t assume that that is always the driver’s side. Post office cars have the driver on the right side, as do cars driven in England and other places.

It can vary according to vehicle. Just determine which side has the left side parts on it.

Thanks folks! That’s what I thought but I had “moment” as I was ordering a body part . . . didn’t want to get the wrong side! Happy motoring! Rocketman

These ambiguities are dumb though aren’t they?

A while back I was trying to figure out the flow direction of my trans fluid through the cooler lines. I figured, why not look up the stock lines & see. One said “inlet” - the other said “outlet” - ok, well since for cooler lines every outlet is also an inlet (depending on which end you’re looking at) this told me nothing.

I guess one could presume that the reference is tied to the transmission end - but oh how I hate to ASS-U-ME.