What is Left and what is Right in online auto parts lingo?

Real Generic question, I have a passenger-side window regulator out in my 2002 Honda Accord. When I order the part form my favorite online auto parts store, they list parts as “left side” or “right side”. So…does right = passenger side (like sitting in the car facing forward in the US market), or does right = Driver Side, like sitting in the passenger side in the UK or looking form the front engine compartment back?

it does not matter as long as your sitting in the car. right is pass. side. left is drivers side

Unless it is a right hand drive.

Left is driver side, right is passenger side for a vehicle manufactured for the US market. I don’t understand where the issue is unless you’re ordering parts for a car made for the British market…?


No, as long as you are facing forward, the right hand side is on the right.


Correct but I was replying to Scrapyard-John who said left is drivers side and right is passenger side.

Ah, that explains it.

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But his only post is after your post, looks more like you were replying to weekend-warrior

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I should have said who I was replying to sorry about that.

so to clarify for anyone reading this in the future. when ordering parts on any vehicle. as long as your sitting in the vehicle facing towards the front. your right is the right side of the vehicle and your left is the left side of the vehicle.


I always tell my wife, “no your other left”. Sit in the driver’s seat and hold your hand up and see that it forms an “L”. That’s left. So yeah, driver left, passenger right. North, south, east, west. Maps and life are tough.

It’s left or right as you’d sit in the car. Left is (American) Driver’s side and right, passenger. It’s done like that to prevent confusion between left/right hand drive models of the same car (since left is left no matter what side you’re driving on).

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… or as Rudyard Kipling wrote…
East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.

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