It's worth a few extra cents

… to buy Top Tier gas, according to a study funded by AAA.
And, if you’re lucky enough to have a Costco gas station near you, their Top Tier gas is most likely cheaper than the local competition.

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some Top Tier around here (Costco, Sams Club, QT,) are almost always cheaper than the competition.

This is also true for the Citgo that I use, which makes for an easy decision.

I have a BP near work but they don’t indicate if they’re Top Tier Gas.

So even if they are listed as a Top Tier retailer, do they need to show the Top Tier Gas label to indicate that BP or Exxon franchise actually sells Top Tier Gas? Or does every BP or Exxon sell TopTier?

I like to go out of my way to go to Costco (well about 3 miles from my home) to have that assurance that I’m getting Top Tier gas.

Sam’s-not TopTier, but only 2 cents less than the TopTier station I use.
I have repeatedly asked Sam’s Club to upgrade to TopTier, but have been ignored.

No, it’s about the signage regardless of label

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So if a gas station (aka BP or Exxon) doesn’t have the signage showing it sells Top Tier gas, I should assume it’s not Top Tier gas?

At every Costco, I see the Top Tier signage. I only see that signage at some BPs and some Exxon Mobil stations.

I agree that it’s worth a few extra cents.

No, I would assume that it is Top Tier Gas regardless of whether they have the stickers

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Thanks for your patience. It’s greatly appreciated.

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Interesting. Thanks for that correction. I’m pretty sure they used to be Top Tier rated.

So the test engine… Was it direct injection? Or port injection? The article does not say.

It matters because with direct injection the fuel doesn’t pass the intake valves.

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True, but some Toyotas have both types of injectors and all would seem to benefit from maximum cleaning of the injectors.

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It is possible for a retailer to drop off of the list. My brother used to patronize Turkey Hill gas stations (Don’t laugh! That’s really the name!) because of their Top Tier status, but the chain was sold a couple of years ago, and it is no longer TT-compliant.

We live near a Costco store and, yes, they have the best gas prices in town. Besides, my wife gets rebates that cover the membership fee! Costco has to be right up there with the major oil companies, as does our local Co-op store.

I think the newest version of the Ford 4-cam 5.0 V8 has dual injectors per cylinder as well. Costly, but I’d say it is worth it given some automaker’s experiences with DI.

I wish they still did…closest gas station to my house. But they have some of the best slushies around! Great way to bribe my kids into helping with yard work in the summer!!

It’s also entirely possible for a station to have top tier fuel, but not pay the royalty fee to advertise their fuel as “top tier”.

But if you have a flex fuel vehicle you can use Wild Turkey.

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Is their ice cream still top tier?

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I mean you could…I’d rather drink the Wild Turkey personally!

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