Which one should I sell?

I own two cars: a 2012 Honda CR-V and a 2016 Mazda CX-5. Neither has needed any major repairs and both have about 55,000 miles, and are in excellent condition. They have both been maintained according to the owner’s manuals. I am thinking about buying a Toyota TRD Tacoma pickup and selling one of the cars. Which one do you recommend that I sell?

You and a partner in your household can’t make this decision ? Good Grief , Charlie Brown !

How would anyone on the web have the correct answer for that question ?

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Because CarTak is full of super-geniuses, they would have the best answer on which car to keep. :slight_smile:

This isn’t a call anyone else can make for you. We have no idea of what your life circumstances are.

Do you have a family? Do you plan to have children? Do you have a wife? What’s her opinion? That may be the most important factor of all.

Personally…I’d keep the Mazda. It’s about the same utility value as the Honda, and it’s newer.


Sell the CR V and keep the Mazda.


Sell both. Buy an accord. And the taco if you want

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If money’s an issue sell the more valuable one. If not, keep the one the wife likes. Or you like. Or the newer one.

If you want the Tacoma, then sell the other other cars and just buy it.

There’s no rational/economic reason to sell a 10 year old or a 5 year old fully operational vehicle for a new vehicle but if you :“want it” and it makes you happy, God Bless you

CR-V has had reputation for lasting a very long time. IS this still the norm for the 2012 model or has quality gone down? 11 years is a bit soon to tell.

AS someone said, the best thing for you money wise would be to sell the newer one, especially if it has a loan on it.

A pickup truck owner is going to want a sedan for his other car. I’m a truck owner. Trust me on this one. @Cavell 's suggestion above to sell both and buy a pickup truck and a sedan is the best option. You could buy a Mazda-3 sedan, that’s a good choice if you prefer Mazda, but a sedan is what you need for your second car, definitively, imho.

If married, keep the one the wifey likes best, you have to live with her not us…

If single, sell both and buy the truck and a Harley… :rofl:

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My most recent experience with Mazda wasn’t the best, so I am biased. I think the CRV had the conventional transmission in 2012 as opposed to the CVT on the newer ones. See which one sells for more. I also agree that the other half of the family should have more say as it seems like the truck is a “want” for you as to a need.

I’d keep the Mazda unless your avatar is your wife choking you for selling her Honda. :smirk:

The CRV is 4 years older and the rubber components will need replacement earlier, probably about 4 years earlier.


UPDATE: I am interested in keeping the vehicle that will be the most reliable and need the least amount of repairs over the next several years. Both vehicles are paid for. Wifey is the one who wants the TRD. :slight_smile:

Then you pay a trusted local shop to inspect each vehicle and get a professional opinion .

Also what is with that goofy picture ( Avatar ) anyway ?

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Both seem like they are good quality vehicles. Everything else being equal, the newer one seems like the best choice. But everything else may not be equal. Certain features and configurations are more problematic than others by reports here. FWD is less trouble-prone than AWD or 4WD. Manual transmissions are less trouble-prone than cvts, duel- clutch, or conventional automatics, especially the ones with many gear selections. Other potential trouble spots: Complex fuel-system evap systems, entertainment electronics, cameras, electric windows and door locks.

OP, you are welcome to see for yourself by using the forum search feature to see what sorts of problems owners of both of those cars have reported here, link upper right this page.

The CRV has the same drivetrain they used in the 2007-2010 Model’s but they made the engine a little more powerful but used the conventional Automatic. The Mazda probably has more comfort and safety features than the Honda but that could also mean more to fix down the road.

The Mazda owners across the board i’ve known have had very good luck and over 200K on the odometer with normal services and wear items. No real difference compared to the CRV owner’s i’ve talked to. Dad’s had 2 CRV’s starting with a 2007 which was upgraded to a new 2019 about 4yrs ago. In almost 13yrs with the 2007 the only repair’s that it needed were very minor and otherwise it was normal wear items that you’d expect to replace every so often.