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Which car to trade?

Dear Car Talk,
We are a retired couple that in the past has put many mikes on our cars in a short time. Now that we’re retired not quite so much, but will be traveling taking a road trip around the US a couple of times a year.
We don’t want to get caught with both of our cars having high mileage. Which should we keep & which should we trade:
2009 Toyota Camry with 100,000 miles vs. 2014 Honda CRV with 70,000 miles. Both have had no problems.

My vote . . .

Keep the CRV . . . it is much newer, and will undoubtedly have some safety features, which the Camry lacks

If it matters . . . Honda generally has excellent value retention, perhaps even more so than Toyota

Both brands generally have excellent reliability, though

Another reason I feel the CRV should be the keeper, because it seems to be a more versatile vehicle, especially if you’ll be making road trips

BTW . . . none of your cars is what most people consider to be “high mileage”

I believe many people would consider “high mileage” to be over 250K


Keep them both and drive whichever you prefer for comfort on a long drive. I have a 2005 Honda Accord with 178,000 miles on it, and I have no problems with it. If you have kept up on the recommended maintenance in the maintenance manuals, your vehicles should be reliable performers for years to come.

If you just want another vehicle, I’d sell the Camry and buy another sedan. You can get a good return on it and use the money as a good down payment on a new vehicle.

Keep hem both unless you want to save money on insurance and license fees. We are in the same position and my wife always seems to have meetings when I have those as well.

If you sell one, sell the Camry; as people age they want to have easier entry and sit higher behind the wheel.

I have two toyota’s and I will not buy another vehicle while I’m alive. My Tundra has over 230,000 miles and only part that ever failed was my starter. Same with our 94 Camry working on 200,000 also. Good maintenance is what makes the difference. Forgot, did have to replace both radiators because these new plastic radiators just don’t last. Plastic starts to get brittle and leak. Once it looses it’s nice black color, it’s tell you it’s time.

It depends on what you want to trade it in on. If you want a new sedan, trade in the Toyota, if you want a new suv, trade the Honda. Which do you prefer to travel in? Do you want the fuel mileage of a sedan or the height and rool of an suv?

My vote would be for the Toyota, but these are both great vehicles and both in the prime of their lives. Comfort, and your personal preferences, can safely be your only guides.