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Which oil filter for 75k Integra, 1999

Should I get high mileage filter?

No. The age of the car has nothing to do with what filter you buy. How long between oil changes or filter changes could be what matters. The answer will still be no anyway. Even the house brand at X-mart should do the job.

I use synthetic oil and do it every 5k miles.

High mileage filter intended for cars with 75k or 80k mileage.

First off, on an Integra, 75k is just a baby. It’s definitely not high mileage for that engine, which will easily last you 4 times that if properly cared for.

The strategy with Hondas of that era is simple: Use what you’ve always used until something starts to leak or burn oil, and only then should you consider switching things up.

Great advice.

What does your manual recommend? I use synthetic oil. The top rated filters are the Purolator Pure One, Mobil 1 Extended Life, K&N (both made by Champion and both are pricey), NAPA or Wix (both made by Baldwin). Then, of course, there is Honda’s OEM filters. These are all supposedly very good filters according to several internet and local shops.

Al in MD

The thing is what the manual states is little relevant since its 1999 car and the technology has advanced a lot.

I called Kragen - they have FRAM filter at three different prices - also other brands.

Knowing my car, what shadowfax told me made sense to me at that time - of course, I am open to new idea.

Get one of the brands Al in MD suggested or the top level Fram.
Me, I would go with Honda OEM. Order a few online for less than what they cost walking into a dealer.
Don’t forget drain plug washers.