Which Honda Civic to trade-in: 2009 or 2012?

We are big Honda fans and both of our cars are Civics: one is a 2009 (80k miles) and other a 2012 (30k miles). Both are LX sedans and in relatively good shape, but we are looking to trade-in one and get a CR-V. So, we need to decide which Civic goes. I really like the 09 better… handling, interior apholestry, finishes - but has substantially more miles on it. The '12 (which Honda redesigned after only this first year of this model) feels boxier and cheaper interior finishing, though it’s mileage is a little better and is newer.

Any suggestions on which should go would be appreciated!

I vote for trading in the 2009 in your case. I never trade in vehicles because selling it is a wiser choice. Why let the dealer have your extra money?

You drive between 10,000 to 12,000 miles per year on these cars. That means you can get 4 or 5 more years out of the 2012 than the 2009. Is that important to you? If so, trade or sell the 2009.

If you like the 09 better, trade in the 12. Both cars have a lot of reliable mileage use left on them. Why hold on to the 12 when you like the 09 better? Keep it simple.

The 2012 apparently was a fluke and Honda redesigned it fast. If you like the 2009, you might want to keep it. Now if it was me, I would put two ads on the internet (craigslist) and price both cars on the higher end and see which one sells.

Tossup,as the Folks said,sell it privately,with full disclosure,but as for me,I would keep the newer one unless,the loss was too great selling the older one.

If you really like the 09 better I vote for keeping that one. It sounds like you’ve probably kept up on all the required maintenance so you have plenty of life left on that car. You may outgrow it before it wears out.

You like the 09 better. Even if keeping the 12 makes financial sense there’s a cost to driving a car every day that you’re not comfortable in.