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Which Car Should I trade in

We have a dillema and would like to hear your thoughts. We have a 2002 Sienna with 52,000 miles and a 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour AWD with 48,000 miles. Both are paid for. Neither have been in an accident and all maintenance has been done at the dealership on schedule for both vehicles. Sienna should get the timing belt changed we are told due to age, other than that it is spotless and no body or paint damage. Honda needs new tires. It seems to have a problem with the tires cupping and has bad road noise. No other major maintenance due until 60,000 miles. We live in Chicago, and the AWD is great in the snow. We want to trade one of the vehicles in for either a Prius or Camry Hybrid. I drive 85 miles a day round trip in the Honda. The Sienna doesn’t get driven much because a work vehicle is usually provided for my husband. We are empty nesters. I would prefer to keep the Honda because of the AWD and spouse would like to keep the minivan because we would get more money for the trade in on the Honda. Also, not sure about the Prius traction after reading todays articles on here. We are not remote and the roads and freeways I drive during the winter are cleaned of snow quite well and rarely is there a commuting problem due to the snow. Please share your thoughts.

Both vehicles seem solid, why trade? keep them both do the maintenance and skip the new car payment!

Barkydog, 20-21 mpg avj @ 2,000 miles a month and I believe gas will get close to $5 a gallon this summer. I usually keep my vehicles for 6-8 years so the Honda has 4-6 more years left. Tires are $1300 for this thing so before I spend that money or the money on the timing belt for the Sienna I am thinking would the money be better spent toward a vehicle with better gas mileage. I figure the money I save on gas over 8 years driving the distance I do would be equal to the purchase price of the new vehicle. Ugh this seems like a brain twister puzzle and I cant figure it out.

When you trade for new vehicles, the dealers make money - you don’t. The miles on the Sienna are very low, so a lot of life left in that vehicle. The AWD Honda has lot of life left as well. I’d stick with what you have.

If you must have a Camry Hybrid or Prius you are going to replace the higher miles per week vehicle, which is the CrossTour. Since the CrossTour gets pretty lousy mpg, I’d go with the Camry Hybrid. You’ll like it. In the winter, just put winter tires on the Camry Hybrid and it will drive fine.

Trading in a 2002 Sienna with low mileage and in good shape would only be good for the next person buying it. As far as keeping the Crosstour vs buying another car, you have to do the math on gas and upfront cost and see where your break even point is going to be. The dealer would consider the cost of tires when buying it from you.
Also you are expecting gas to be $5, while I am not sure if it would, nobody knows. Last time we were sure it will hit $6, but it went down to the high $2’s.

You will spend about $400 more each year on gas in the Sienna than the Crosstour at $5/gal. This grows to $2300 each year for the Prius vs. the Sienna and $1700 for the Camry. While this seems like a lot of money, the cost for a new Prius is about $25,000 on the road; he Camry LX Hybrid is $27,000. If a 10 year payoff doesn’t bother you, go for the Prius. It pays off faster.

I’d sell the Sienna and drive the Crosstour. When Hubbo has to drive either the Sienna or Crosstour every day, he can decide. Do what you want. You have to live with the decision; he doesn’t. BTW, I and a card-carrying Hubbo myself, and would let my wife decide this issue for herself.