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Which cars are most prone to fluid leaks?

I am thinking of buying a used car and want to avoid anything that may be prone to leaking oil, coolant, etc. Should I stay away from cars of a certain age - like maybe nothing older than five years? Or are there certain makes or models I should avoid?

Fluid leaks are pretty uncommon now, I don’t know of any makes/models more or less prone to them.

I avoid sunroof, to avoid leaks, mechanical problems, and to get additional headroom.

Anything made by the British Motor Corporation.

All cars get more prone to leaks as they get past 5 years. Rubber seals and O-rings that hold back gasoline, oil, brake fluids, and other fluids begin to wear and shrink.

In the '80s GM had a specific problem with the seals on their injectors for a period, but today it’s simply and age thing. I’m not aware of any make that has a problem any more than any other make.

In the early-mid '90s, Nissan also had a problem with leaking injector seals, which were replaced under a goodwill policy by the manufacturer. But, as was said, after 5 or 6 years, any car can have leakage problems from various areas, and no one manufacturer seems to be more prone to this than others.

Man you can say that again,the Tarmac in parking lots lasts a lot longer now,newer are simply better in many ways,enjoy what you like and give it no more thought-Kevin

How about head gaskets? There are Subarus. I had this 85 Cadillac with a 4.1 engine that leaked like crazy. The car had been “worked on”. Turned out that the oil pan bolts were all way too loose and the owner had been using 5W30 oil when straight 30 was recommended for areas where the temperature doesn’t go below +30. You probably won’t be buying that model. On the good side, the reconditioned engine computer cost me $99.99.

Fluid leaks usually can start at around 50,000 miles or (ha ha) sooner. So, move the car and look under it before you buy it. If there is some awful burning smell when the car is parked for five minutes, be suspicious.

I think if you are worried about a leaky used vehicle, you should try to find one that has never overheated. Of course, knowing whether it has ever overheated will depend largely on the honesty of the seller.

The only real solution to your problem is to have a used vehicle thoroughly inspected by your mechanic before you buy.

Be sure and stay away from cars that leak water from the AC condenser in hot weather…really (?). It depends upon the fluid and the car, but mostly it depends upon the age as none is immune as they get older. For the sake of being a cheapskate, I have found some slight ones I could live with, motor oil being the main example.

Which cars are most prone to fluid leaks?

The ones that have been abused and/or neglected by their previous owner(s)

Its pretty much like humans. Leak tendency increases with age…