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Which car to sell?


My husband and I just bought a new car…and need to get rid of one of our two old cars. Of course, we disagree over which to ditch.

His - 1992 Honda Accord with 212,000 +

Hers - 1997 Subaru Outback with 214,000

Issues: The Subaru has a roof rack for our kayaks, but the Check Engine light has just started popping on randomly. However, in January the Subaru got a new timing belt and water pump.

The Honda keeps going like the Energizer Bunny. It hasn’t had any major repairs in the last few years.

Which would you sell?

I’d dump the Subaru. You can probably get more money for the Subaru and the Accord will keep going, and going, and going…

The Subaru will end up costing more in repairs due to the AWD and the head gasket.

It might help if we knew what you just bought.

Can your new vehicle carry kayaks? Do you need the Subaru’s AWD?

I own an Accord and a Subaru wagon. If this were my choice I’d sell the Subaru and keep the Honda. Subarus cost more to maintain over time, and that won’t change as the mileage increases.

Your can buy a roof rack and put the kayaks on the roof of the Accord, then sell the Subaru. That’s what I’d do.

I vote for keeping honda. I had a 93 civic I drove to the junkyard with over 300,000mi. Engine and tranny were bullet proof (sadly body and sub-frame in snow country are not.) I hope someone took them. Honda = much better vehicle.

P.S. I used a roof rack to haul my 12ft aluminum boat on top of the civic. Worked like a charm except my milage went down to 18 from 40.

Pick One To Keep On The Road. Then Suspend The Collision Insurance On The Other One, Leaving It Covered By Comprehensive Coverage. You’ll Need A Back-up Unit Because Which Ever One You Choose, It’ll Blow Up.


Mechanically, anything can be repaired, for a price. It gets real expensive to repair the body. Which is in the best shape body wise and which do you get the most use out of ?
Can you afford to sell both and get a used something as useful. A used CRV example of the best of both worlds. Some rambling thoughts…

Keep the Honda and put a roof rack on it if you want to carry your kayaks.

Personally, I’d dump the Subie and let the next guy worry about the CEL. It might be nothing, but on the other hand you have the Energizer Bunny in your posession.