Which car to buy?

I am hoping your replies will help narrow my decision on a new car. I am torn between buying a Honda Accord or a Subaru Legacy. Any thoughts?

If you are talking about a new car, either is fine as they have a factory warranty.

If you are looking to buy the car new and keep it for about 10 years and longer; the Accord will be a lot less expensive to maintain and will need fewer and less expensive repairs after the warranty period expires.

If you are looking for a used car, the Accord for same reasons as above.

Unless you absolutely need the AWD function, I’d buy the Accord. It is a great handling car and will cost less and be more reliable over a longer service life.

That does not make the Legacy a bad car; it just requires more care.

Subarus require more maintenance, and therefore cost more, over time. The AWD is responsible.

I currently own a Honda Accord and a Subaru Legacy. I like the AWD of the Subaru in winter, but I have to admit it’s very rarely necessary where I live. Winter tires on the Honda would probably be just as good 99% of the time.

You have to religiously follow the maintenance schedule with a Subaru. They are not park-and-forget vehicles. If you’re willing to do that, there’s nothing wrong with them. They just require a little more.

I agree the other comments with one notable exception. If I were set on just these two choices, and either would meet my needs, the dealer service/reputation could be a deciding factor. Even if I did not “need” awd, but liked the handling that awd provided (assuming that you appreciated or even cared about the difference), I feel you can’t go wrong with either choice. I had one Subaru among a bunch of Hondas and Toyotas. It proved to be as reliable as ANY if not more so. The only reason we don’t still have one now, is the proximity/reputation of the dealerships that I have to choose and they don’t make trucks and truck based SUVs.