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What to sell?/A little attached

I’m in a quandary. My wife fell in love with and purchased a '09 Subaru wagon a while back. We have two other wagons, a '97 Honda Accord and a '00 Saab 9-5. Both the older cars are in excellent shape and have just over 100,000 miles on them. We need to sell one (I don’t want to, but it doesn’t make sense to have three cars for two people). The Honda has always been very reliable, and the Saab, well, not so much, but it is quiet, smooth, powerful and packed with features. Often, it’s easier for others to see through a problem a little more clearly. Your thoughts?

The future of Saab is very uncertain. I would sell it while it still has some value.

The Saab will cost more in maintenance and repair as it ages. The Honda will keep chugging along with little more than routine maintenance.

Sell the Saab. Keep the Honda.

See how easy that was?

You have replaced the timing belt on the Accord, right?

While I have to agree, at least in part, with the prior messages, but have you considered which of the two older cars is a better match for the newer car. Maybe one is a great road car the other is a better at city driving. Maybe the newer car is also great at one or the other.

Do you need two great road cars and none really good at hauling stuff? One better at mileage or ?

Do you need both cars for daily drivers? It may be easier to sell the Accord than it will be to sell the Saab, because Accords have good reputations for reliability.

The Accord wagon is unique and a great car. The Saab 9-5 is unique but not a great car. Sell the Saab.


I own a '97 Accord Coupe. Best car I’ve ever owned. If you decide to sell your '97 Accord wagon, please let me know. I’d gladly unload my '96 Subaru Legacy wagon and replace it with a nice Accord station wagon. Then I’d have two cars that will last another ten years.


You may like the SAAB now, but you’ll end up hating it when it gets older. Sell it now.

Use your head, not your heart. Dump the Saab.

Logical choice - sell the Saab
Choice if you don’t need a dependable daily driver - sell the Accord
Choice if you don’t need 2 wagons in the family and want something different - sell them both and buy something else

I agree with the others. Sell the Saab while you can.

An average V6 Saab is worth about $3500. The average Accord EX wagon is worth about the same. Since there is no money advantage, I’d sell the Saab. If you an’t sell the Saab after a couple of months, you might try selling the Accord. BTW, if you used both older cars for commuting, did you stop using one and start using the Subaru as a commuter? If so, did you tell your insurer? You could save some real money, even on an older car, if you only carry the two cars you commute in as daily drivers.

Thank you.

Thank you. Yes, the timing belt has been replaced. We’ve always followed the Honda maintenance schedule.

Thank you. And that’s certainly a thoughtful way of looking at the situation. The Saab is definitely a great road car, but even though it’s in excellent shape, the question of its reliability is always in the back of my mind.

Thank you. Yes, we do need both cars. I’m sure the Honda would sell first; its reliability is why I think I’m going to hang on to it.

Thank you. You’re right. I wish there had been a little more thought or quality, or both, built into the Saab. It’s too quirky. And I can take quirky if it works.

Thank you. I think you’re right.

Thank you. Ha, don’t need a dependable driver? Oh, I/we love wagons - the Saab, the Honda and the Sub.


Thank you. I think I am going to sell the Saab, and I can wait it out if necessary. The Honda runs like a little sewing machine, always has. Thanks for your input, as well, as far as the insurance. We need to pay more attention to that.