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Which Car to Sell

I want to sell a car. Should I sell the 2001 Volvo S80 with 187,000 miles or the 2004 Pontiac Vibe with 135,000 miles. The Volvo needs shocks and 2 tires. I live in a rural area and have to drive a lot, so its all road miles. I like them both. Both are paid for. Just don’t need two cars. No kids. My wife has a Jeep Liberty. Which would you sell and why?

I’d sell the Volvo because it’s more expensive to maintain than the Vibe.

I’d agree with mcparadise.

If the Volvo hasn’t racked up lots of expensive repairs then you are very lucky. Sell it ASAP before something expensive breaks.

4th vote for the Volvo

Yes, sell the Volvo; it will get very expensive once you start having to do many repairs. The Vibe is basically a Toyota and is designed as a work horse.

Good buy Volvo…I agree.