Which car to keep

I have a 1996 toyota camry and a 2005 chev classic. Both have 125,000 miles both need tires. The chev has had nothing serious done to it. I have replaced the master cylinder, radiator, timining belt, and water pump on the toyota. I must sell one of them, can anyone help me by telling me which one to sell?

As good a car as the Camry is, it’s now closing in on 20 years old. I’d sell it and put the money in a savings account, add to it, and be prepared to get a new(er) car when the time comes with the Chevy.


the chevy is practically brand new compared to the toyota. agree with texases

If they were both the same year then I’d say keep the Toyota. But there’s 19 years separating them…Keep the Chevy.

I agree with everyone else here. Keeping the Chevy is a no-brainer.

The Chevy is much newer, therefore it should have more safety features

Keep the Chevy

Sell the Camry

Set some money aside for future repairs/maintenance on the Chevy. Things will probably start wearing out now.

I’d get rid of the 17 year old one in a heartbeat, no question about it. I’m not sure I would have put those parts in since its not going to help the value at all.

Keep the Chevy and wear it out. Then buy a newer car with all the money you have saved over the next 8 years.

Which one gets better MPG? I’d keep that one.