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Rebuilt Engines and Subaru versus Honda

I am going to start looking at cars. Subaru Versus Honda–who wins? What is the deal with Rebuilt engines? Reliable? Junk?

I would look at Subaru for the following reasons only

  1. If you like AWD performance cars (turbo ones eg WRX, Legacy GT)
  2. If need or desire AWD, Subaru/Audi has a simple but superior system
  3. You need or want a wagon

Honda is a decent car company but there are so many other cars out there too like them.

Not sure what narrowed you to these two brands?

Subaru vs Honda? Honda by a wide margin, less repairs and less expensive maintenance.

Rebuilt engines? Experiences vary too widely to give a good answer. There are well done rebuilt engines and poorly rebuilt engines. Who did the rebuild makes a whole lot of difference.

I own a Subaru Legacy and a Honda Accord. Maintenance and operating costs are higher on the Subaru. Different models may yield different results.

The Subaru AWD system, however, is one of the best on the market. If you need AWD (not many people do), the Subaru is hard to beat.

Otherwise, the Honda will probably cost you less over time.

There are other companies that produce reliable vehicles. I don’t think these should be your only choices. If I were shopping today I’d look at several other manufacturer’s vehicles, including some domestics.

I have no personal experience with rebuilt engines.