V6 vs 4 cylinder

I’m looking for a used Honda Accord. Is there any reason I should prefer a six-cylinder car over a four-cylinder car? Thank you.

In view of rising gas prices, in spite of a temporary lull, I would go for a 4 cylinder in good condition. The 4 cylinder is a well proven engine and has adequate power.

If the four-cylinder has enough power for you, get that. If not, get the six.

Actually, if the four performs well for you there’s a reason you may prefer that over the six. Lower maintenance costs when the car gets older. Transversely mounted six cylinders can be more difficult to access (the rear bank) than 4-bangers. Since there’s more stuff under the hood, other components can be more difficult to access also. And you only have one exhaust system with a 4-banger! And 1/2 as many cat converters!

The only reasons I can think of for getting the V6 is that you don’t mind spending more money on gas and the V6 is probably more fun to drive. I suppose if you haul heavy gear and people, the extra power might be useful. Test drive both cars and see if four cylinders are enough for you.

When my wife bought her 96 Accord we were seriously thinking about getting the V6 or V-Tec engine. Wasn’t sure if the standard 4-cylinder had enough power. We test drove all 3 and the standard 4-cylinder had MORE then enough power for US. Car was running GREAT after 10 years and 220k miles when we gave it to our Niece.

It is personal preference. If you buy the 2003+ Honda Accord the 4 cylinder has a timing chain which saves you around $600-$800 every 105k miles.

The fuel consumption on vs the other may not be substantial in all cases check EPA ratings.

Where did you get those figures from??? That’s awfully high for a timing belt change. Typical cost around here in NH is about $400.

I have a 2005 EX with the 6 and get about 28 MPG on the highway (commuting). If that’s good enough for you, then consider that the 6-cyl will be quieter and smoother than the 4.

Used, I would say the four cylinder would be cheapest to run and replace if anything goes really wrong with it, such as a trip to a quick oil change place.

That was what I was going to say. The timing belt always makes me a bit more nervous. I haven’t had one snap and I know chains can snap too, but yet again…

I guess the belt change is cheaper in NH. I am in CA and it is $600+.

Take both for a test drive and see which you like.

V6 is higher and I live in the Seacoast of NH where everything is more expensive. I did take the figure from friends with Odyssey’s which is likely harder due to engine bay.

Seacoast IS expensive.

Drive a 30 miles East to Manchester or Raymond. Should be a cheaper.

For the 98-02 generation of Accord in particular, the 6 cylinders were frying automatic transmissions at absurd rates. The 4 cylinders still had above normal rates of problems, but were DRAMATICALLY better.

I’d stick with the 4 cylinder for fuel economy and reliability.

Apparently people don’t recall that Honda was late to offer a V-6 in their Accord; long after everyone else had one. The probable reason was that their 4 cyl was very adequate. They had to provide a V-6 to meet the competition, functionally needed or not and probably not. The same silly race has and is happening with the number of automatic transmission speeds, 7 in one particular brand, and tire rim diameters.

I was looking at 06-07 Accord EXL sedans with the 4-cylinder. Having driven both, I liked the power of the V6, but it seems asinine to have any real power in a front-wheel drive car to begin with. Plus, the Accord is meant to be a normal car. The normal engine these days is a 4-cylinder!

Test drive’s the bottom line. Friend asked if a 4-cyl Accord was a good car, I said yes, they bought it. I’ve now heard (for several years) how the 4 isn’t as smooth as the v6 in their old car. So it depends on what you like!

Living in western Montana having a V6 car really helps getting up and around the mountain passes. I’ve alwayed noticed that V6 engines run smoother than I4s.

If you prefer manual transmission there are very few 6 cylinder models available.