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Which car mag subscription should I gift?

I should add that Top Gear has now added an american show and magazine, and while I’ve not seen either I heard they were pathetic.

If you get him this, stick with the British version. Barnes and Nobles Bookstore sells it in their periodicals rack.

Ha ha! Yes, I think I’ve seen the caravans getting smashed – into and by various things, I believe. It may have been a compilation video of all the many smashings over the years. My understanding is that those guys HATE caravans! (The video I saw may have contained examples from the 90’s and the noughts…)

I think Top Gear – the British one, definitely (hadn’t heard of the American one but can’t imagine it being nearly as cheeky and fun) – might be the winner here.

Oof – or maybe I’d be better off just buying him Top Gear DVDs! The cost per year for an American to subscribe to the BBC magazine is about $150.

Perhaps a few off the rack from Barnes & Noble will suffice.

If he is really a “car guy” any car magazine will get read. Don’t worry and just put your order in for whatever. I read “Motor News” when I’m at my tire shop because that’s what they have in the rack. A true car guy will read anything as long as it relates to cars.

another to consider: Automobile magazine. they have a great staff of writers. and occasionally write about more than just cars. in many of their ‘comparison tests,’ they have the gang of writer/testers (and photographer) go on a tour or road trip. then include commentary on the eateries, pubs, historic sites, etc. along the way.

they used to have a motto: “No boring cars.” but bowing to the times and the need for readers to know about practical everyday cars, the current issue compares the current crop of “econoboxes.”