Need a title for my magazine feature

Hello all,

I’ve just joined and intend to become an involved member of this community. First however, I have a favor to ask. I am a writer and have just been tasked with writing a monthly feature for a local magazine. The article will feature a local citizen with some kind of compelling story regarding his or her car. It could be that the car is rare, a classic, extraordinarily expensive, or maybe tricked out in some different way. The first thing I need to do though, is come up with a name for the column. “Car of the Month” sounds too boring. Does anybody have any creative thoughts they can help me out with? Thank you!!

How about “Car Corner” or “The Parking Spot.”

Here’s some ideas: “My Drive”; “The Monthly Driver”; “This Car is Why I’m Divorced”; or “Just Drive”.

Here’s a couple of questions I’ve always wondered about car magazines, might make for a column idea at some point. First off, why are there no car magazines which specialize in how-to articles on how to keep your 100% stock 10-20 years old family car, like a Toyota Corolla/Camry and Honda Civic/Accord safe and on the road. How to diagnose and fix a no-start problem, etc. What tools you need, good detailed photos and drawing of the entire repair process. You know, the kind of stuff talked about in these forums. Instead all the car magazines I see on the bookstore shelf – and there seem to be hundreds – tend to avoid the econobox topic completely. They instead focus on how cool 1920’s roadsters and new Porsche 911’s look, and how to beef up a 56 Chevy to 900 HP. That kind of stuff. I can see some people would be interested in those topics, but to me, how a magazine featuring an article on how to diagnose a reduced mpg problem on a Honda Civic would be more interesting.

The other question I have about car magazines – and esp true about motorcycle magazines – is why they almost always have a barely-legal-age girl in a wee-tiny bikini on the front cover. What’s with that? I don’t see no bikini clad 20 year olds on the cover of woodworking magazines. Or on The Economist. So why is this bikini-image so common w/car and motorcycle magazines?

Just a suggestion, maybe a title a little more generic like My Ride etc, that way you can include motorcycles or other odd vehicles other than cars. How about “The Road Not Taken” with due credit to Robert Frost, or the “Fork in the Road”.

How about “Rolling Along with (your name here).”

“Lug Nuts”

Oozing down the street

Lowe Rider (if your name is Lowe)

Morris Garage, or really any name in front.

These are great! I thought I might be in the right place. Keep them coming… I am writing them all down!

Note to George in San Jose. You make some very good points and your suggestions are solid. The publication I am writing for is not a “car” magazine. It is what I would call more of a lifestyle magazine, so the “how to” angle doesn’t fit its format very well. And, as to why do car mags put bikini-clad women on their covers - well, to draw attention to the cover of course. I agree its pretty lame, but the theory is big hooters will catch more eyes than a carburetor, and once your eyes are on the cover, you might notice another topic that actually has some value to you, and you will pick it up.

So far… my favorites are (in no particular order): My Ride, My Drive, Rolling along with Dave…

Car kickers; Rides to die for; Driver’s Drama, Who is your ride.

If you are going to write fiction, I would call the column “Automotive Adventures”.

What’s up with my car?
Older cars, Jurassic Classic Cars
Where did my car go go?
Welcome under my hood.

Copyright agreement for compensation of course.

How about “Under the Hood with Dave.” @Barkydog gets all the credit since the idea popped into my head after reading his post.

I like “What’s My Drive.”

How about,“Sad eyes and the Money Pit”?-Kevin