Car magazines at the doctor's office

I found one car magazine at my appointment today. This practice only keeps Autoweek on site. The 3 vehicles reviewed in the Dec. 15, 2015 edition are a Range Rover Sport SVR $112,000), a Benz AMG, the GT I think ($135,000) and the new Audi R8. This is the V10 plus version not available here yet. I think it is estimated to cost around $200,000. Do they think all of us can afford what they can, or are the doctors trying to show us what they do with what we pay them? Must be nice.

I’ve had the same issue with Motor Trend and Automobile, etc. I’m just not interested in Porsches and Lamborginis. But I think they get free subscriptions so they just take whatever they are given. Its a lot better than reading Mens Health and Family Living anyway.

You should look around the parking lot, see what that doctor is driving. Maybe he drives a Honda Civic, and it’s his pretty office assistant who’s interested in choosing a rich boyfriend with a taste for expensive cars … lol …

These magazines aren’t really to help with selection. The vast majority of subscribers just like to dream. Like me, for example. Dreaming is healthy, as long as you don’t get it confused with reality.

We have Motor Trend in our waiting area. It has GREAT reviews of every car known to mankind, rarely says anything bad.
The cars the docs in our office drive; Camry, Corolla, Camry; Lexus ES (Camry) and Prius.

It’s a lot more exciting to read about a Ferrari than it is to read about a Mazda 2. Those magazines cater to car enthusiasts. Enthusiasts don’t want to read about pedestrian cars, even if they can’t afford anything but pedestrian.

I like Grassroots Motorsports. They talk about cars normal people can afford, and modifications normal people can do to them to make them better. They talk about some more expensive stuff too but it’s pretty rare to see a factory exotic in their mag.

My son started subscribing to Grassroots a while ago, and gives them to me when finished. I’ve really grown to like that magazine.

My dentist’s office also has autoweek

The other magazines are us weekly, people, aarp, some golfing magazine(s), some men’s fitness magazine(s)

Except for the aarp magazine, I’d say the magazines are indeed for daydreamers. Few people will be able to drive the cars in autoweek or look as good as the guys in that fitness magazine

Honestly, I don’t understand medicine.

I was in a large hospital in Eastern Ohio; they had a pianist on a grand piano in the lobby. Now, “soothing music for the healing process” notwithstanding, if you went to a hardware store (or heck, even a Vet)…wouldn’t this smack of an affront, when the time came to pay?

I guess I haven’t seen that in a hospital but when they opened a new Menards (that’s like a Lowes or Home Depot if you don’t know) in the Midway of St. Paul, they had a player piano going all the time. It was a two story store and it was right by the escalator. I thought it was kind of classy for a lumber yard. Prices were the same with or without the piano though.

My dentist has Car & Driver as well as Road &Track. However, the doctor’s office has mostly women’s magazines and stuff like People’s and the Reader’s Digest. Since one half the patients are typically men I think this is discriminatory. I done’ need Sports Illustrated, or Guns & Ammo, but would at least like Business Week or Gentlemen’s Quarterly. .

+1 to Docnick’s comment!

All too often, I find that the reading material in waiting rooms consists of Family Circle, Highlights For Children, Redbook, and some type of celebrity-oriented gossip rag. Luckily, Autoweek has begun to show up in some of those offices, but–usually–the available reading material overlooks the interests of most men.

Pretty much everyone I’ve talked to about the grand piano Menards thinks it’s incredibly weird.

When it’s not in automatic mode they have volunteers from the area come in and play it.

Does the unusual player grand piano attract people that want to see it? If so, it could be a boon to store traffic.

I was happy I got to read the full R8 article befor I was called for my appointment. I enjoy dreaming about exotic cars too. Still, Autoweek seemed like an unusual choice.

@jtsanders Not that I know of. It’s just a bizarre thing for a Menards to have – this is a store that has been using the same banjo music in its advertising since at least 1972. A paragon of sophistication this store is not. It’s very bizarre to see a very nice full sized black grand piano stuck right next to the automotive department (see what I did there? :smiley: It’s true, though).

I don’t know of anyone that goes to a lumber yard to hear a piano so I doubt that helps increase traffic. Location, selection, pricing I think determines what lumber yard you go to. It may keep you there a little longer and sooth your jittered nerves a little, I dunno. Old man Menard is very aggressive though so he might just be trying to expand to sell pianos as well as dog food. Gotta admit that I did price the player piano but who has room?

Hey, Wait…

…My doctor charges outrageous fees, and he does have those car magazines. In the waiting room he also has yachting magazines, yacht broker publications, airplane and pilot mags…

You mean the choice of magazines could have something to do with his billing rates?

I haven’t picked up a magazine in a waiting room since I got my first “smartphone” 8-10 years ago now. Not even sure if they have any magazines at my Dr’s office…

For sure the English ones weren’t very good. Don’t know about the Spanish and Somali ones though. I try not to spend much time there. You can’t smoke there anymore but the incense smell will gag you.