Which car for a senior?

I guess at 78, I am a senior. I find it is much easier to see out of our 4Runner SUV than our Sienna minivan. The father of one of my colleagues traded in a Buick Lacrosse for a Toyota RAV 4 because he could see better out of the RAV4 and the driving position was more comfortable.
Fortunately, I have no health problems. I do have to stop.and stretch my legs more on long trips. My ideal vehicle would be a Divco step van–the kind that was used for home milk delivery. When I got tired sitting and driving, I could stand up and drive for a while.

I got the envision for comfort and quietness. Got used to using the safety devices for low visibility-sides and backing up. But was alarmed when using a decibel meter that 90% of cars registered as causing hearing loss… envision was quieter and I do long trips as a senior and have severe tinitus so quiet as important. One salesman when I commented on how noisy the not named car was said ‘let me turn on the radio and you’ll never notice the road noise. It’s got a great stereo.’! He seemed to not understand why I was using the decibel meter…

We can add that to the VERY long list of things that many car salesmen don’t seem to understand, and that list includes features of the vehicles that they are selling.

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Glad you like it. I’ve been driving mine for a year now and am still very happy with it. I really didn’t appreciate the quietness until I rolled down the window at a stoplight once. I was very impressed with how much noise it blocked. Sometimes when I know there’s a loud car or motorcycle at a light, I’ll roll the window down and back up just to appreciate it more. I believe there are apps that you can use on Android Auto that can play constant cancellation tones for tinnitus. Might want to check this out. Or you can put it on a thumb drive. The only things I don’t like about this car is the touch screen controls for the heater and seat heater. Small issue for sure.