Which Car Do I Sell?

I must divest myself of one of my automobiles. The wife says that three cars for two people is one car too many.

I have and older low mileage car and a newer, more luxurious car with double the mileage of the old car.

Specifically, I have a '92 Plymouth Voyager, 4 cylinder with 50,000 miles and a '97 Plymouth Grand Voyager with over 100,000 miles. Both cars are in good shape and dependable, but I must sell one.

Which one must go?

Well the 1997 was the newer design of course so it benefits from many upgrades in both comfort and technology (not to mention it looks better). That’s probably enough for me. However you’ll get more money from the 1997, as the 92 Voyager isn’t really worth much even though it has low miles.

I’d keep the one you prefer driving, which I would imagine is the 1997.

For me, I’d sell the 97. It’s not going to be THAT much more reliable than the 92 with fewer miles, but you will probably get a lot more money for it because it’s newer and because it has the newer body style.

Though, like Dave says, it really depends on if you like driving the 97 any more than the 92. I suspect you’re not going to get all that much for the 97 anyways, but you might have trouble giving away the 92!

Instead of getting rid of a vehicle, why not simply park one or the other, drop the insurance on the parked one while keeping the tag up to date, and have a backup vehicle on call in case of a collsion or major mechanical malfunction?
In the event of a major problem drop the insurance on the problem child, reinstate it on the parked one, and motor on.

I always keep a few “extras” sitting around in case of an emergency.

Sell them BOTH…and get you a NEW one.

Sell both and buy a bicycle. Put the savings into a retirement account.

Keep the car you like and I won’t ask you if I should order apple or cherry pie tonight. :slight_smile: