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Brake pads

I was told I need new pads and rotors.The dealer ship said they only intstall original pads,Non-ceramic.What is the difference between going metalic or cermanic in cost and effectivness and life of pads.

Unless you’ve had problems with the factory pads, you might want to stick with them to avoid noise/squeeling issues.

I suggest sticking with the factory pads. They are the best balance of braking effectiveness, long live, and low noise.

Besides, the dealership won’t install anything else.

I deal with independent mechanics, but they always install the “normal” replacement brake pads and I’ve never had any problems.

thanks for responding.No problems with original pads except I only have 42,000 miles on them.I thought they would last longer.I am only an average braker in my car.

ceramic brake pads withstand higher heat and normally do not put out the brake dust you see on many vehicles. my question is why did they recommend rotors? this car the rotors should last 100,000 miles or so. just for your info. we use Wagner thermo quiet pads with little to no problems