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What type of Brake pads?

what type of brake pads would you folks recommend for a 2008 Equinox LT 2WD used mostly in a small city driving setting driven 6 miles each way to work and back (some stop and go, some 2nd paved roads, Interstate driving of 250 miles round trip about 2-3 times a year). Advance auto has pads from $25 to over $100 for ceramics. what are the benefits of the ceramics over semi-metalic pads.

I used ceramics for a while but I think that semi-metallic pads are fine for normal driving. Ceramic pads will also keep down brake dust on the front wheels. If you don’t mind a little brake dust then semi-metallics will work just fine. I always buy a name brand brake pad as well.

I like to just buy whatever formulation matches the original equipment on the vehicle.

Do not buy the cheapest stuff. You will regret it. So whatever it is spend a little more and get at least the middle-level quality.

A lot depends on your driving style. If you tailgate a lot and have to frequently use the brakes hard, then you need carbon fiber brake pads.

Ceramic brake pads perform about the same as semi-metallic, but they last longer, generate less dust and cause less wear on your rotors.

I highly recommend Wagner ThermoQuite pads

O’Rielly’s $63.99

Advance $64.99;--Brake-Pads---Front-Wagner_20609814-P_219_R|GRPBRCOAMS_1638309371____

Your Equinox probably came with original semi-metallics, but you can check. If they worked fine for you all these years, replace with more semi-metallics.

I’ve always had good luck going into NAPA parts and asking for the best pads for the make and model in question. They give me either “Ceramix” or “Adaptive One”. They are reasonably priced and work very well. NAPA’s best grade of rotors (brake discs) are also very good, and sometimes half the price of dealer OEM rotors.