Where to put a convex mirror?

I would like to put a circular convex mirror on the driver’s side outside mirror. Where is the best place on the present mirror to put it? I’ve seen them on cars in just about every corner.

I have mine in the upper outside corners of the mirrors. My reasoning is that the angle between my eye and the outside of the field of view will be greater, providing better view to the side.

The first time I bought one I sat in the car and slid it around all over the place. I found that the field of view of it was so large that it didn’t matter at all where I put it. So I stuck it in the lower & outer corner where it was least likely to disrupt my view in the standard mirror.

You need to ask yourself which part of the flat mirror you are most comfortable giving up. (I say that knowing that it isn’t really flat, but it isn’t as convex as the ones you are installing.) That might be on the inside lower corner, and it might be on the outside lower corner. Only you can answer that question based on how you set-up and use your mirrors.

I prefer mine on the outside corner. My father preferred the passenger side on the outside corner, but he put the one on the driver’s side on the inside corner. They don’t have to be symmetrical.

I have some on both, right and left mirrors…
Upper innermost corner,
the area I don’t need to see.

Outer portion is all the affairs behind me.
Inner lower is my truck -vs- the curb.
Inner upper is just the side of my own truck…don’t really need to see that.

Actually I prefer the rectangular convex mirror placed on the lower right side of the rear view mirror. I am not sure if it was here but most people do not adjust the mirrors for the best visibility. You do not need to see half of the vehicle in the rear view outside mirrors, if you can just see the edge of your car in the outside mirrors that is better.