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I would like to know what you think about these crazy mirrors on the pass. side, that make other cars look like they are quite far back, when they really are quite close .Can anyone explain why they are made that way. I think they can cause accidents, if you are in your left lane then look in the pass. mirrow and a car in the right lane looking like they are quite far back, you go to move over to that right lane & this car is really very close to you. I would love to have the same kind of mirror on both sides. Please reply.

The right side mirror is made convex to provide you with a wide angle view, especially of your “blind” spot. I have mine adjusted such that if I can see a vehicle in my right mirror, its too close for me to move to the right lane. Hope this helps.

It’s a small mirror far from your eyes that has to show a large area, so it needs to be that way. If you wanted a normal mirror, it would have to be maybe a foot wide (as a wild guess). Would you want that hanging off of your car?

We covered your question last week in the following thread, titled “Mirrows”: