Wiper blades

do they still make windshield wiper refills,all i can find is blade and wiper together.

Stores no longer carry low-profit items like blade refills. Maybe you can find them online.

Too many different manufacturers of blades to know whitch width will fit your blades. It’s such a crap-shoot to stock refills that ( as you’ve found out ) they stopped even trying.

You might try at the dealer. Frankly the only place I have ever bought refills is from the dearer and that has been some time ago. The OEM refills not only worked better, but they lasted longer. Today I just buy high end blades and I consider it worth the money. The Bosh ones I generally use don’t have an external frame support so they are good for snow and ice as well.

I’ve been buying just refills for years. They still sell them at Advance Auto parts. I bought a pair of Trico refills just a few months ago for $4. I have to take the metal clips off the new refills to make them fit, but they work fine.