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Where to find a wire diameter chart

where to find a wire diameter chart

for a 04 chevy aveo

Wire diameter? Are you looking for a wiring DIAGRAM? If that is it, go pick up a Haynes manual for your car. They have COLOR wiring diagrams at the back of it.

A wiring “diagram”, also called a wiring schematic, should be available in a Haynes repair manual.

A wire diameter chart would be just a gage chart. Care would need to be taken in selecting a wire gage, as some knowledge of the current capacity of various wires is necessary to avaiod fires. There are charts for this. volume 6

I guess you want a way to determine the diameter (gauge) of a particular wire. If you snip off a piece of the wire and take it to almost any hardware or auto-parts store you should be able to match up the wire with replacement wire.
If you need a diagram of your wiring sysem, follow the previous advice.

Wire cross sectional area in circular mils.

20 gauge 1020
19 gauge 1290
18 gauge 1620
17 gauge 2050
16 gauge 2580
15 gauge 3260
14 gauge 4110
I don’t have the sizes smaller than 20 or bigger than 14 memorized but it increases by a geometric progression, every three wire sizes doubles the cross sectional area. If you want to know how big 12 gauge is, it is about twice as big as 15 in cross sectional area.

The square root of the circular mil area = the diameter in mils.
If you measure the diameter with a micrometer, square the measurement in mils to get circular mils area. Notice, you don’t use Pi because a circular mil is defined as the area of a one mil diameter wire. If you use Pi, you end up with square mils of cross sectional area.
Rule of thumb is to provide at least 250 circular mils per ampere minimum.