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2.7 Connector Rod Bolt Size

Does anyone have any idea of the socket size to use on the 2000 2.7 Intrepid connector rod bolts. It seems to be bigger then a 10mm but smaller then a 11mm.

Have you tried a three eighths?

Yep, whoever came up with this idea 40 years ago to try and move the US to the metric system really created a whole worse issue. Everywhere there are both SAE and Metric bolts so you have to carry two sets of sockets and wrenches.

Bing; You’e so right You remove 10 metric bolts and nuts and on the 11th one nothing under the vehicle fits. You check and sure enough it’s a sae bolt. It’s not that someone retapped it, but that part was produced at a factory that was using the SAE standard.
It can be frustrating.


Big +1 for @Bing although I do collect a lot of tools and more is never enough.

What is a “connector rod” ?? Are we talking the big end of the connecting rod inside the engine?

I’m guessing they are 10mm made a little bigger because of a coating of sludge?

This is the engine with the main bearing cap bolts that go through the side of the oil pan, right?

In theory it should be metric but one never knows with the Mulligan stew of hardware being used.
There’s also the possibility of a poorly made wrench or socket that is not exactly 10 MM in size.

I remember changing an alternator on a Chevrolet which was held on with 2 factory installed bolts; one Metric and one Standard.
Unless it’s changed, the bolts that hold Subaru seat belts onto the chassis used 5/8 Standard head sizes. At least the Japanese are far more consistent with their fasteners…

Alright turns out it was this. 11mm works if you use a impact wrench only. The connector rods are on an angle and if you use hand tools it will move ever so slightly and then it will round off the corners. If you use an impact wrench it will allow you to keep the socket straight on the bolt and it will eventually come out.

On 6-point bolt-heads, try to use a 6-point socket or wrench…Almost impossible to slip and round off the corners…