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1969 chevy c10 pickup temperature gauge and gas tank wiring question

Hi, I was looking for some help on my 1969 chevy c10 pickup that me and my dad are working on right now, we bought a new instrument cluster and installed it but the guy we bought it from installed an aftermarket temperature gauge and that gauge didn’t work either so we’re trying to figure out how the original one would be hooked up and how we could also hook up the gas tank to the instrument cluster so I can see how much gas I have instead of just driving it until I run out of gas. If someone could help us out on how to wire these two things and possibly help us out with some pictures on how they would or could be hooked up, we’d very much appreciate it. Thanks.

First thing is get a unmodified Instrument cluster. If the gas gauge does not work after that. You need to check the wiring and the ground at the tank. Also pull the sender out of the tank and check it. The wiring is real simple on that truck, All the gauges in the cluster are run thru the printed circuit on the back of the cluster.

We have an unmodified instrument cluster, we’re trying to figure out where the wire from the tank would hook up to the instrument cluster? There isn’t a wire that runs from the tank to under the dash, so we would need to know where to hook that wire up to, if you could help us with this it would be appreciated.