Where is the ECU?- Help Ol' Dad Save Face

My daughter bought a new remote keyfob for her 1999 Toyota Camry. Ol’ Dad was going to help her get it linked which involved pressing the button on the vehicle’s ECU and then the remote. Easy enough you would think but I am embarrased to say I could not find the ECU. Can someone help Ol’ Dad find the ECU?

Does the owner’s manual have any information on this? There may be more than one computer in this vehicle. Some are under the passenger seat, some are hidden behind the dashboard center stack, some are under the floorboard where the passenger’s feet rest. Still others are behind the kick panels. Good luck.

Check the right hand side scuff plate area.

Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
Removal & Installation
In order to prevent any possible electrostatic discharge damage to the ECM/PCM , touch a good engine ground with your hands before handling the ECM or PCM and avoid touching the ECM/PCM connector pins.

Note: OBD-II compliant PCM’s are sealed to prevent unauthorized tampering with circuits. In some cases the PCM will need to be updated to either update the software or modify a program. This is a procedure that may be limited to the vehicle manufacturer.

To Remove:

Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the precautions in the beginning of this section.
Remove or disconnect the following:
Battery negative cable
RH front door scuff plate
RH cowl side trim sub-assembly
Instrument panel under cover
Lower instrument panel assembly

ECM Removal

Wire harness clamps
ECM connectors
Nuts and ECM
2 screws and ECM brackets
To Install:

Install or connect the following:
ECM brackets wire harness clamps
ECM connectors
Torque nuts to 49 inch-lbs (5.5 Nm)
lower instrument panel assembly
Instrument panel under cover
RH cowl side trim
RH front door scuff plate
Battery negative cable
Test drive the vehicle to confirm the repairs

What you need to know is the fob programing procedure. I don’t beleive this involves work with the ECU. What makes you think it does? Some cars have a dedicated wire that you ground to put the BCM into program mode and then others use the radio to get the car into program mode. Going through the ECU, doesn’t sound right but I am not saying impossible.