97 RAV4 RS3000 location

I have a new remote I need to program on my '97 RAV4. I have the instructions, but need to know where the RS3000 is located. I can’t find it in any of the locations where I’ve heard it might be. I’ve seen a pic, so I know what I’m looking for…


Look anywhere a computer can be mounted.


The ECU for the RS3000 (add on) system is under the drivers seat.

Under the carpet? If so, looks like the seat has to be removed to lift the carpet,

Can you feel a raised area in the carpet?

The 1997 Rav4 did not come with factory RKE. These systems were installed at the port of entry or by the dealer so the location of the ECU may vary.

In this thread people state that they found the ECU under the dash.

Ok, so apparently I have the TDS module (found it near the left kick panel. Does anyone have the programming instructions for it?

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