Where is my Altima's PCV?@*?!#

1999 Nissan Altima

Need to change the PCV and cannot find it.

Haynes shows me a diagram of the part, but not where it actually is. When I get under the intake ( why the heck do you put a routine item there I will never understand) I simply cannot find the darn thing. Any suggestions on identification and access would be a godsend! Thanks

Maybe yours is different but most are located one end of a valve cover.

I have never been able to find it on my Nissan PU either. Its supposed to be on a shelf just above the oil pan near the back of the engine under the intake manifold. There is a lot of stuff down there and its nearly impossible to access so good luck.

For all you non Nissan owners out there, its not in the valve cover.

It should be the type that’s threaded into the intake manifold, not pushed into a grommet. Don’t look for it to be sticking out perpendicular but instead horizontal and on the underside of the intake manifold. With the PCV hose attached about the only part you’ll see is the metal hex of the valve.

Uh-huh, that’s why I decided to CMA.

The PCV valve is built into the engine valve cover. If you are standing facing the engine, it should be on the top left hand corner of the engine valve cover. Unfortunately for the altima, you might have to replace the whole cover…I am not sure if you can do that separately?

Shashi , I think that some time during the last 11 years they found the PCV .

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Thank you Shashi.

For the 4-banger 2.4L engine, the diagram I’m seeing shows the PCV valve at the top of the engine, far-driver side (assuming the exhaust manifold is forward in the engine compartment), just underneath the edge of the valve cover. There’s a smallish, rectangular breather-separator box that connects to one side of the PCV valve, and the other side goes under the valve cover.