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Coolant leak above rear transaxle

I have a small leak of greenish fluid (appears to be coolant) coming from a silver/aluminum tube that runs the length of my van, just above the left rear transaxle. The leak seems to be in the tube, near a support that keeps the tubing flush against the undercarriage. It is a slow leak, but it is dripping onto the transaxle/transfer case, and is beginning to leave a small puddle on my driveway – gets a little worse each time I drive. I haven’t noticed much loss of coolant in the reservoir, so not sure what this is and how to fix it. I have a photo if it would help. I am thinking the tubing might be part of the heating system.

Does your van have a rear heater? That’s the only reason I can think of for coolant to be way back there by the rear axle.

The tube itself may be leaking or the leak would be where the tube connects to something. If the leak is at a connection the liquid will follow the tube and drip from a low spot.

Before you can fix it you have to locate the exact source of the leak.

Yes, it has a rear heater. The source of the leak is where a “support” piece holds the tubing to the undercarriage (see attached photo, in red circle area). Any ideas on how to repair? Thanks for your help.

The cheap way is rubber hose, hose clamps, and blue rtv. Slit hose. Place form a gasket on hose. Remove body clamp and drop the line a bit. Dry the pipe and put a thin layer of RTV on pipe. Let sit a few min. Then postion rubber tube around the pipe where it leaks. Put two clamps on the leaking area around the hose, tighten and let sit overnite. Clamp pipes back to the floor pan. Otherwise replace the whole tube. I do’nt think you can use compression unions on this type of pipe.

I hope this is coolant and not AC refridgerant with green dye in it. You say the mystery fluid is green, can you also say that the coolant used in your vehicle is also green?

If this vehicle really is a Chevy 3500 Van, that is simply an axel in the rear not a transaxel.