Where does the cool stuff go

I have a 97 Mercury Sable, and I am trying to find where you put the Freeon (spell?). I have a kit, but cannot seem to find where you would put it, anyone out there able to enlighten me?

Are you sure that you are up to this task?
What other automotive maintenance and repair jobs have you done?
Do you have safety glasses?
Do you have good medical insurance coverage?

Do yourself a BIG favor and stay out from under the hood. You could really get hurt. It’s not worth it…

Sorry, but I have to agree with the others. Some states have laws against selling that kind of stuff to just anyone - its b/c you can do harm to self, others, and/or vehicle if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Bite the bullet and take it to a shop. If you need to add you have a leak that ought to be fixed anyway.

Agreed. If it needs refrigerant then it’s leaking, which can be normal on a near 13 year old car.

If you can’t figure out where to add refrigerant then you really do not need to be messing with something that can be dangerous. Refrigerant out of the can for whatever reason will cause frostbite on fingertips in a few seconds and if it hits the eyeballs can cause blindness instantly.

And an exploding can of refrigerant is a sight to see; from a distance only.