No antifreeze and no heat

I have a 2000 Tarus and lately I just noticed an antifreeze leak. The leak has gotten so that it is more noticeable. I drove it to my local garage. And no heat, blower works, but just cold air. I have been told everything from a hose to thermostat to a water pump, any ideas on this.

Too much guessing going on. How did you notice the leak? Can you see antifreeze on the ground? Can you tell where it’s coming from? Have you been replacing the coolant that leaks out? What did the local garage tell you?

A mechanic should be able to pinpoint the location, not guess about it. The thermostat won’t cause a leak, but should be replaced along with whatever IS leaking, just because it’s 7 years old.

If all you need is a new hose, it’s not expensive. If you need a water pump, then you need one. Pay and have it fixed, but make sure SOMEONE knows what’s leaking before you start spending money.

I could not have said it better MC. One thing I will add is that if their is no coolant in the car the heater will stop working.

Yes, if the heater stopped working, the coolant level was REALLY low. Too low.

Is that Dartman69, as in Dodge Dart?

Yes MC. I am the proud owner of a couple 1969 Dodge Darts.

1969! What a great year. I graduated from high school in 1969. Well, mine were '63 Darts. The first was a 2-door GT (wonderful car), Which I had in the early '70s. and the second was a 4-door sedan (OK, but not great), which I had as a daily drive in the early '80s. Both had the 270 slant 6 engine and push-button automatic transmission. No high performance here, but great cars to drive, and EXTREMELY reliable.

By '69 I know there were V8s available in the Dart body. And then, of course, there’s the Barracuda, which started as a Dart variant. I’m still enamored with Darts, and I suppose I always will be. A friend of mine had a limited edition Dart convertible with a slant 6 and a 4-speed manual transmission. Wish I could find one of those today!

Got pics of your cars?

The primered one is a factory 340 car. All that is left to do is paint. Eventually it will be copper again with a white bumble bee stripe. The green one is a 6 cylinder car. I am in the process of building a 300 horse slant 6 for it.

300 with the I6? The Hyper Pak only made about 200. How are you going to do that, blower?

Does the green one have the Super Six? that could easily be built with 300 HP. I kick myself for not putting a bid for my late grandmother’s '77 Volare with the Super Six. That thing was bullet-proof.

No blower required. I built a 170 that produced 253 hp @ 5500 rpm. This time I am shooting for 300 horse.
The green one has the standard 225 slant six with 1 bbl carb. The super six had a 2 bbl.