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Where do you add transmission fluid on a 1998 toyota camery with an auto matic transmission?

Where do you add automatic transmission fluid on a 1998 toyota camery?

At the transmission dipstick tube.


As Tester stated, the transmission dipstick tube is where transmission fluid is added on your CAMRY. Be sure to use a funnel in order to avoid spilling fluid all over the engine compartment.

Also–be sure to consult the CAMRY Owner’s Manual for the correct type of fluid to use. Fluid of the wrong type can cause major damage to the transmission.

In addition:
Your transmission fluid should be reddish in color. If it is brownish and/or if it has a burnt odor, the fluid needs to be changed a.s.a.p. Just be sure to have a real mechanic perform this maintenance procedure. In other words, DO NOT go to a quick oil change facility for transmission service!