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Camry Transmission Fluid Level

How can I check the transmission fluid level on my 1999 Camry with the small 4 cylinder engine? There does not appear to be a dipstick. Also, is there a separate check for the differential, and if so how is that checked?

Maybe someone here knows specifically. But do you have an owner’s manual for the car? If so, then the info will be in there. If not, it is probably worth your while to get one. It is likely that your differential fluid is your trans fluid - so checking the trans is probably checking both.

The dealer service dept should be able to confirm this for you but I suspect you have a sealed unit not meant to be checked. However, if you notice an externaal leak or seal seepage then it is possible this is done via the speedometr cable mounting hole. That is to say if the speeo cable comes out the top of the case. The differential on most front wheel drive cars is also incorporated into the transmission and has no seperate lubrication. If you absolutely detest the dealer then a subscription to might be in order.

Its the same fluid for both.
The dip stick has 2 marks on it,cold and hot.
If you just go to the corner gas station use 1st mark on the stick. If you go about 10 miles or so use 2nd mark.
Park on a level place and leave car running, pull out stick and clean it off. put it back in all the way then take it out and see where fluid is on stick.
You may have to do this a few times to get a good reading.
If it is low make sure you use correct fluid!

Just what I needed. Thanks.

And what about a dipstick that shows over the top of full - almost a quart over. Is that safe/ok?

recheck, and I wold be afraid of it building up to much pressure and blowing out a seal