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Where can I find this car?

I drive a 1997 Escort LX small wagon with manual transmission. This auto gets 30-32 miles per gallon consistently. I mean CONSISTENTLY. Summer and winter. In town and on the highway. I want to replace it with a similar used vehicle not more than 5 or six years old. Where on earth do I find it??? I have seen nothing so far in small wagons that boast this kind of gas economy. What am I missing??

Check out the Toyota Matrix. The Mazda 3 5-door is also similar, but I don’t think the fuel economy is as good

If you’re looking 5/6 years old, I think they still made a Focus wagon then, should be close on mpgs. Or a Scion xA.

Is it a mpg figure you want to boast about or are you concerned with the bottom line cost of operating a automobile? What I mean is you may locate a car that is initally lower priced or has a better repair record but doesn’t get quite as good mpg. MPG is just one of the variables in figuring the cost of operating a vehicle.

I do wonder why your vehicle is not affected by the seasonal adjustment in fuel blend. Most people whine real loud about the 15% they lose due to the addition of ethanol to the fuel they are using.

A Kia Spectra 5-door might be close. A Ford Focus station wagon is another good option, although it’s a little larger and may not get 30 in the city. A used Honda Fit will probably be closest as far as mileage goes. A Nissan Versa hatchback is another car that comes to mind, along with the Scion xA.

good point.

never been a big fan of ethanol blending as an economic strategy, environmental strategy, or, especially, performance enhancer. spent too long in the chemical industry.

Also check out the Honda Fit. I get 30-33 mpg. It holds a lot of stuff, and its fun to drive.

VW Jetta Sport wagon TDI (diesel). 30/41 EPA mileage. I get somewhat better than EPA on my 2002 TDI VW Beetle