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When will 2012 Focus or C-max be on sale?

Anybody knows when the 2012 Ford Focus or C-max will be on the dealer’s lot? I am looking forward to buy one of them but can only wait to the end of Jan. 2011.

The most recent report I read said “early 2011.” I doubt this means January.

You could call your local Ford dealer and ask. They might know.

Just called one. He said the 2012 focus will arrive in Nov. 2010, which is earlier than Jan. 2011. However, he has never heard of C-Max. This might mean C-Max will arrive much later.

Doubt he’s right about the 2012 Focus. If it goes on sale in 2010, it can’t be called a 2012.

A salesperson will say ANYTHING to get you into the showroom.

Believing that salespeople know what they’re talking about is a big mistake.

“Never heard of C-Max.” Not surprising.

You’re looking forward to buying a car you have never tried out ? Though versions may have been sold in Europe, we know from the string of Fiats, Peugeots and Yugos that American demands don’t coincide. I look forward to trying the 2015 model after you have test marketed it for three years.