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Ford CMax Better Than the Prius?

I read an article that the Ford C-Max electric car was better than the Prius. Has anybody driven both and did you have a preference? I’ve driven a couple of different electric cars and I still find that the Prius does better than most. So I’m wondering if it is worth it to test drive the Ford C-Max?

If it’s the article in Motor Trend, I read it too.
I’d go with the prius. It has a proven track record. But I’m admittedly not an “early adopter”. I tend to stick with the tried & true.

The Ford C-Max is a new model and very few are actually on the road. Expecting someone to have experience with both cars is pretty unrealistic. Test drive a C-Max and see what you think!

C-Max has come out ahead on the ‘nice to drive’ type evaluation, Prius has a long track record of reliability. The Ford’s definitely worth a look.

I own a Ford hybrid, has worked well for 2 years.

Note, are you talking about the regular hybrids, or the plug-in hybrids?

Ford does not often get it right the first time. Even if this car is pleasnt to drive, expect a number of teething problems. If you really want one wait at least a year for some feedback from users.

I agree with others. The Ford C-Maxx could very well be the better performing car. But, the Prius has a loooong history of success and as important, good resale values. I don’t believe they have changed much.
Personally, I would recommend you get the most proven model and not be a testing platform for a new model.

the Cmaxx has been on sale in the EU for awhile now, but they’ve had the gasoline and diesel engines, not the hybrids. So I imagine most of the vehicle is old hat to them by now

Actually the Ford C-Max has been around since 2003 in Europe. The current model has been on sale in Europe since 2010. The hybrid model is new though.