When were pickup trucks required to have side airbags?

I’m in the market for a used pickup truck for my second vehicle. I’ll only use it for occasional hauling of garden supplies, etc., so it can be small or medium size, and it must not be expensive.

Having already been injured in a 1980s model truck whose only safety feature was seat belts, I want my next truck to have better protection.

Does anybody know when trucks were first required to have side air bags?

Try this link: New Side-Impact Requirements Will Change the Cars We Buy

That will tell you about the laws, anyway. Many have had them as options, but it was up to the local dealers or purchasers to request the option.

Pay attention to the dates, too: Published: 12/10/2007 Updated: 05/05/2009


Trucks aren’t “required” to have side airbags even today. But they are optional some newer models. Keep in mind most of the models you see that do have them will be the higher trim levels, Think Ford F-150 King Ranch , GMC Sierra Denali, etc. You won’t find such features on the stripper work truck models.