Integrated side airbags Subaru

Hi everyone,
Can anyone tell me whether the Subaru Outback 2016 has integrated air bags. I would like to get a seat cover for my pup but was told not to get this one with integrated side airbags. Thanks!

Google ‘car seat covers compatible with side airbags’, several show up. Some have holes some have stitching meant to break away as the air bag deploys.

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Virtually every passenger vehicle has had side airbags since the early 2000s. The exact year varies from one make to another, but–yes–your vehicle has side airbags that deploy from the side of the front seat backrests. In fact, if you look at the outer edge of your front seats’ backrests, you will see a small tag stating that it is so equipped.

As Steve suggested…

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Thanks so much Steve!

Thanks VDCdriver. I appreciate it!