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1984 honda civic/accord

when air bags first appeared

Ford introduced the first airbags in 1971. Is this a trick question?

No it’s not a trick question, just don’t know that much about honda’s

Is your post about a problem you’re having that we might be able to help with, about Hondas, or about airbags? I’d like to try to help, but cannot understand what you’re asking for help about.

My question is, did Honda have a passenger airbag in the civic and accord models in 1984

Airbags for the driver were not made mandatory until 1994, ten years after the cars in question. Passenger airbags were mandated four years later, in 1998.
I’d be surprised if Hondas had them standard as early as 1984, but I can’t say for certain.


Considering that SOME Mercedes-Benz automobiles had airbags in that model year, there’s no way a 1984 Accord or Civic had a passenger airbag

Put things in perspective

That should have been your first post. If the vehicle has a passenger air bag there will be something like SRS ( Supplemental Restraint System ) on the dash so you will know.

Okay thanks.

Honda introduced their first airbags in 1987, according to wikipedia. A quick Google search answers this questions.

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So why didn’t you ask this question at first?

I did. that was the 3rd time I asked that question

My 1988 Accord did NOT have an airbag.

Depends on model. I believe the 91 accord had an optional drivers airbag which became standard after 92. The 1992 civic was all new that year and had a drivers airbag as well. Some acuras such as the legend had them earlier, possibly late 80s.

So no airbags in the year 1984.