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When tryng to get a rebuild title do I have to repair the SIDE airbags of the car?

I am planing to bid on a car that only have side damage (extensive), I know I can repair it but replacing the two left side airbags will be too exensive for me to do it rn. I hope someone can give an insight on this. Btw I’m in Florida.

Forget it . Find something else to play with because you might not even be able to register or insure this thing .

Florida is so very lax you should have no problems registering it, I am sad to say.

That said, selling a car with disabled airbags does not meet my own code of ethics. I wouldn’t do it.

It also opens you personally to a lot of liability if the car is then in another side accident and there are no airbags… and someone is crippled for life because of that. Imagine what a jury would do to you after the victim rolls into the court in a wheelchair. What would YOU do if you were on that jury?

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