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Car long term storage

We will be moving internationally for 2 - 4 years, is there a good way to store our cars? They will not be driven.

We have had many threads on this; if you search “long term storage” you will find quite a few.

We always first advise people to check if it is financially advantageous to do this. The cars will depreciate and deteriorate, and then there is the cost of storage and insurance.

Other posters will give you a long list of “to do’s”

It would be better to sell the vehicles. The problem is gas stabilizers last ony 18 months at the most. So you could prepare everything else for a long storage period, but nothing can be done to prevent the gas from going bad.

So if you don’t mind paying the expense of cleaning the fuel systems of the vehicles when you return, then store them. Otherwise sell them.


Sell them before you go. When you move back in 2-4 years you’ll be able to buy back the same year Acura TL for a lot less money than what you sell yours for.

I have to agree with the others. One year is usually OK, Two years maybe, beyond that it gets really dicey.

I totally agree with the ideal of selling now and buying when you get back. If they were collector cars, then that would be different.

Not really. Storing for 2 to 4 years means degraded gas. Best to sell the cars. Put the money into a car fund and let it grow. Buy new or used cars when your return.

Sell your cars. Storing for multiple years is not a good idea.

Sell them now, buy replacements when you get back.

Wow, thanks to everyone for responding so quickly. The consensus is pretty clear - I guess we will be selling our cars, even though we hate to part with them.