Keep at 94,000 miles?

I have a 2004 Grand Am with 94,000 miles. Never a problem -love this car! As a woman driver with 100,000 miles approaching, do I keep or sell? Should I expect problems soon?

If it is showing no signs of problems, why make one? Modern cars are lasting much longer today, and I routinely get close to 200,000 miles out of my cars before I start having real issues. My Toyota pick-up truck lasted to 326,000 miles before a retaining wall crushed my dreams of 500,000 miles. My wife’s Mazda was driving fine at 212,000 miles, but wasn’t big enough for our new family addition. Our Ford Explorer is at 167,000 miles, and only had tune-ups and oil changes. And my sister’s Infinity is at 175,000 miles with no issues. Keep it until problems begin to emerge. It is paid off, right? Do you really need that car payment again?

Keep it to 8yrs/150k miles and then access. Past this point is when most but not all vehicles start having more significant(costly) issues from either repair or wear.

The depreciation curve for the first 3-5 years is quite steep and then levels out across all makes. So keeping it year to year now is not a significant loss in value.

As long as you maintain the car as per the manufacturer’s guidelines (in terms of both odometer mileage and elapsed time), there is no reason for you to get rid of a car that is running well. If you still like the car, I suggest that you continue to maintain it and drive it for a few more years, at least.

You have another 100,000 good miles in it. That said there will be some maintenance expenses like maybe a alternator or a CV joint etc. These are normal and will cost you far less than you would be paying in monthly payments. If you have a good mechanic and have them check it from time to time and report any “funny” things about the car, the overall reliability of the car should be as good as it has been for the last 94,000 miles.

Just remember that you will have some expenses, but no payments. Modern cars can easily last 200,000 - 300,000 miles

Of the vehicles we’ve owned we never had a engine or tranny issue for as long as we owned the vehicle…usually well past 250k miles. And most problems we did have were minor. I’m not a big fan of GM (use to be), but if the car is running good and you still like it…then keep it. Just keep maintaining it and it should keep running…hopefully for another 94k miles.

Your Grand Am might last 200,000 miles with no problems if you keep up with the maintenance. You know how they are saying 80 is the new 50 when it comes to age? For car mileage, 200,000 is the new 100,000.

What engine do you have,trans?

If your car has a timing belt, look to get it replaced ASAP. It’ll probably be the most expensive maintenance item you’ll have, but it can lead to very costly repairs down the road. At a GM dealership, you’re looking at about $600 for timing belt and water pump, but if you neglect it, it can lead to an engine replacement to the tune of about $3000 or more

If you were a man you could keep it, but since you are a woman, you should certainly get rid of it.

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He was just pointing out the silliness of the OP for including her gender in the formula.

To the OP: I agree with the others. Keep up with the required maintenace and drive it for a long time to come.

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