When to buy 2013 Mazda 3

I want to buy 2013 Mazda 3 I SV, but I’m not sure when is the best time to buy it.
New 2014 Mazda 3 is coming out in this fall.
Would it be cheaper to get a 2013 Mazda 3 I SV in August or in January 2014?
I’ve requested quotes from some mazda dealerships, and the best offer I got so far is 16,800, including taxes and tags.
Is it a good offer? Should I buy it with that price, so should I wait longer?
Thanks in advance.

Is the 2014 model going to be a big “makeover” year, or just a few small changes from '13?

Only you can tell if you are getting a good deal, If you think $16,800 is a good deal then pull the trigger and buy the car. You might be able to find the “invoice” price on the car with online research. Edmunds.com is a good site for research.

While you wait, what are you driving now? If you have a large repair bill for your current car you might end up losing more money than you saved by waiting for the perfect time to buy and the ultimate deal.

I got the Mazda3 iTouring hatchback with a lot of extras (blind spot monitors, Bose speakers, bluetooth, etc.) for a little more than $19k with USAA pricing a few months ago. The listed value was $23k. Even though I could have saved a little by waiting, I needed the car when I bought it, so I don’t regret my choice. I figured that while I could have saved a couple thousand dollars by waiting, I wouldn’t necessarily be guaranteed to get exactly what I wanted because a lot of other people would probably have the same idea. I don’t think you would go wrong getting it now, but if finances trump getting exactly what you want (including color), then I would wait.

The 2014 will be a new model. Problem with waiting is that the 2013s could be gone by the time you want to buy. I’d either buy the 2013 now, or wait and buy a 2014 in January.

Thanks all of you for your opinions. I think I’m gonna buy it in two weeks.
I’ve never owned a car… This will be my first one, so I know nothing about buying a car :’(
It’s so stressful to decide what & when to buy a car!

Well don’t tell the dealer that.

Look around this site and the edmunds site for car buying info and advice. Don’t go in ‘cold’. The number 1 rule is LEAVE at any time if you’re not comfortable. The salesman is not your friend, you owe them nothing.


that website has lots of good info, and you’re on the right path getting an out the door quote instead of just the price of the car. Don’t let them push you into paying for extra stuff like paint protectant, upholstery sealant, or whatever, they’re usually tacked on at the end to make more money from you. If they keep pushing it on you, even if you’ve said no a couple times, look them in the eye and tell them that if the car is in such horrible shape from the factory, you don’t want anything to do with such a shoddy piece of junk

The salesman knows something you do not. He knows how many unsold Mazda 3 ISV’s there are available…Since Mazda 3’s are popular cars, there may not be that many unsold units out there…If the new 2014 models offer some revolutionary upgrade or improvement, the value of the older models will slide quickly…

When we were shopping last September there was an ample supply of 2012 models at our Mazda dealership. It’s a popular car, but also nearing the end of the model run, when demand typically falls off. People doing their research see a newly redesigned model is due and wait to check it out. I think this is a great time to buy a 2013, but there is no hurry. January might be a bit long to wait, but there should be plenty for another few months.

You won’t save much more in January than you will now on a 2013 car. And there will be slim pickings in January. I’d much rather shop in August than January. I got a great deal a few years ago on a Honda Accord at the end of July, and th selection was very good. Shop now.

Might want to try Consumer Reports New Car Price Report. For $14 they tell you how much the dealer paid; what most consumers paid; what a fair price is, and what incentive the dealer has to negotiate. I’m a long way from a newbie and not indecisive and I found it very reassuring and worth it.

I wouldn’t be expecting any revolutionary technology on the 2014, just a new body style that’s in line with the styling of the current Mazda6. Same big arching front fender line, same big, but attractive, grille. Oh, and I think they have some interesting diesel engines coming in the next year, but that won’t matter to many in the US. Mazda’s big technology leap already happened over a year ago with the SkyActiv engines. As a smaller company they can only do so much. What they’ve already done with modest resources is very impressive.