Exhaust leak- warranty or should I have to pay?


Hello ~

I had another engine installed into my car and the car came home from the garage with exhaust leaks in the mainfold and supposedly near the catalytic converter.

Should I have to pay for these corrections?

Should this be free if the installtion had a warranty?

My thought is that an inspection should have been done after the engine was installed to ensure that the car did not have any exhaust leaks. I immediately heard the leaks as they did not exist on the engine that I had taken out and replaced.

The place that installed the engine wants to charge me to correct this.

Is this something that should be corrected by the shop under their warranty or should I have to pay for the repair of these leaks that were there from the moment that they installed the new/replacement engine?

Thank you for your consideration.


Well if the leak was not where they joined the new engine to the old exhaust, then it was not their fault.


Some more info would help. From your wording it sounds like a “used” engine was installed and any guarantees would only apply to any labor caused problems.

Where is this manifold leak at; between the manifold and head or between exhaust manifold and header pipe?

Any converter leak I don’t see as their fault and possibly not the exhaust manifold. It depends.


Okay. I am unfamiliar with the lingo, so here is my best estimate after looking up the terms. I believe it is the exhaust manifold and header pipe gasket / joint where the exhaust is leaking.

The previous/replaced engine did not have the leak. However, the moment I picked up the car after paying for the installation of the used replacement engine, I could hear the leak and I brought it to their attention. They could not hear it. I took it to a muffler shop that confirmed that it had a leak and that I should take it back. Now the install shop who warranties their labor and installation wishes to have me pay for the work. I wont mind so much if indeed this is not covered. However, I feel as though I’ve been taken advantage of already with previous issues and want to be wise before acting insistent.

The used replacement engine was a bare block; it didn’t come with anything attached to it what so ever. So everything else was used from the previous engine. However, I read in my Haynes user manual that anytime that area was repaired, the mechanics were to use new gaskets (or seals…which ever it said).

I don’t know what is included when an old engine is removed and another installed. What parts are touched and should be verified for leaks and which parts are not touched.

So to recap or re-state the leak area, it is on the driver’s side of the car kind of beside/below the engine where the long exhaust pipe that goes under the car connects with the manifold. It is a 1986 Jag xj6, if that helps too.

Again, I truly thank you for your ideas.


Technically speaking, this doughnut gasket would probably not be part of the engine swap job.
It’s likely that wiggling the exhaust pipe around while doing the engine swap has damaged the old gasket.

However, this should be a very minor fix IMHO (3 bucks for a gasket?) and since the shop did a major job like an engine swap for you I think they should take care of this little problem for you absolutely free in the interest of customer relations if nothing else.

That’s just my humble opinion for what it’s worth. I’m somewhat surprised that a shop would not bend over backwards to clear this little problem up rather than risk alienating a paying (no doubt paying well on a Jag) customer.


Thanks to each of you. I appreciate your comments.